Hidden Gem Rehomed in Irish Architectural Archive / by Stephen Moylan


Our clients, Ornua, gave us the task of refurbishing their current office in Grattan House on Lower Mount Street in Dublin. Completed in 1972, the Stephenson Gibney designed Grattan House was bound to be full of hidden gems. A whole suite of furniture including chairs, desks and cabinets were identified in the uppermost floor on the initial site visit.

Further research was conducted in the Irish Architectural Archive, who house the Stephenson Gibney Drawing Collection. We reviewed the original drawings of the office and unearthed joinery drawings of the chairs. Verifying that the chairs were designed by the original architects, they were restored.The armchairs were carefully restored and reupholstered in two different colours.

Once works were completed, the Irish Architectural Archives visited the site and agreed that the original suite of furniture was of architectural merit. Several unused pieces of furniture including some of the armchairs, coffee tables, CEO’s desk and a bespoke storage cabinet were re-homed for active use in the Architectural Archives.