Photography Workshop with Fionn McCann / by Stephen Moylan

Photographer, Fionn McCann, delivered a photography workshop to the office last Friday afternoon. The objective of the workshop was to encourage everyone to take more photos and to give greater consideration to content and composition. Fionn began the workshop by explaining how a camera works, discussing aperture and shutter speed. He went on to discuss composition, light, angle and juxtaposition.

Fionn took us through examples of his work and discussed the process of photographing a building from sunrise to sunset. It was insightful to hear he begins by photographing the building in context and then moves in tighter with his camera, eventually photographing details. This drew parallels with our own architectural design process.

We then carried out a fun practical exercise to reinforce the learning experience. This involved taking photos in our locality and critiqued the photos on our return. This was followed by a session of questions and answers and a prize for the best photo…well done Beth!